MAKE your

business’ dreams

a reality

We are MAKE Studios, experts in the art of design, transformation and innovation.

We collaborate with organisations to ensure their future with design methods and innovation approaches. Together we can hone your services, perfect your products and deliver standout experiences for customers and business.

Design Thinking that ignites innovation

Harnessing the power of design thinking to re-imagine and refine your approach to business, people and the world. We face your challenges head on, and collaborate with your team to deliver bold ideas and innovative solutions that help make a real impact and achieve your vision as a team. Whether a one-off workshop or a months-long project, we’ll build toward your success.

Service Design that crafts extraordinary experiences

Immersing in your customers’ experience, join us on a journey to explore new possibilities, creating people focused, second to none products and services that embrace innovation and  set your business apart. We partner with you to fully realise the potential of your products and services, ensuring you meet your customer’s needs  and achieve your business’ objectives effectively and efficiently.

Capability Building to discover hidden talents that unleash true potential

Designing and facilitating  bespoke workshops, we’ll help empower your team to unlock their full creative potential, discover new skills and embrace the future together. Our tried and tested approaches encourage engagement and generate new ideas whilst transforming your business’culture and fostering a working environment where ideas are free to flow and thrive.

Product & Experience Design that places people at the heart of digital experience

Working with you to conceptualise, shape and design impactful products and standout experiences, we’ll help bring your vision to life in a market-ready format your team will be proud to call their own.

'Global Citizenship Programme 2023'
Hong Kong Observatory
CLP Smart Energy Connect
Reinventing Customer Experiences
Integrating Design Thinking with Business analytics.
Swiss Watch

Meet the team that  delivers

Our team of MAKErs, is a collective of innovative individuals building better futures for business, people and the planet.
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