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Innovating with client empathy to grow market share and satisfaction

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A fresh approach to the market a large financial company’s pension and wealth plans

Our partner approached the team at MAKE to help breathe new life into their customer experience, service delivery and approach to the market.

They wanted our team to help them tap into their full potential to uncover unmet client needs and help imagine new products and services to grow their overall market share and customer satisfaction.


A customer centric approach

We approached this challenge with the companies clients front of mind, with the aim of understanding and empathising with their current needs to help us identify opportunities  in their journey or experience. We interviewed customers in their own homes to understand their financial situation, investment management practices, their lives and priorities.

Our research netted over 300 individual observations, quotes and facts, and after grouping and synthesising these by theme or topic, we reviewed our findings to enable us to map a clearer path forward, exploring main pain points in greater depth.

We facilitated a cross-functional group through the ideation and prototyping process anchored around the key insights and challenges that surfaced in our research.

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Ideas that MAKE an impact

To make sense of the hundreds of observations and pieces of data, we employed the Rose, Thorn, Bud, Sand method, enabling us to view themed insights at a glance to draw conclusions that would inform our ideas on moving forward.

We employed a rapid ideation framework, working with our partner to devise over 100 ideas, each designed to incite maximum impact for customers. We narrowed down a key selection of the most promising ideas to prototyped and test together.


A brighter future

Our MAKErs, alongside our partner’s team, generated 120 ideas that helped address the main challenges facing customers which were narrowed down to 3 prototypes that were tested with clients.

Through our approach we were able to empower our partner’s employees  to implement Design Thinking around their day jobs. This not only served to generate new product ideas and enhance the client experience, but also had an internal impact across our partner’s operations for applying a Design Thinking mindset into the future .

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