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Reinventing Customer Experiences

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MAKING customer experiences in finance matter

Our client—an established insurance and financial planning organisation—wanted to breathe new life into their customer experience and offer, so they approached MAKE to help map a way forward by showcasing innovative Design Thinking practices to help them elevate their own service offering.


Understanding the financial landscape to MAKE improvements

Our approach was built on knowledge and understanding. We ran a series of ‘Design Studio’ sessions with teams and functions across our partner’s business to identify areas of opportunity to improve and innovate the customer experience.

Following our studio sessions with the team, we designed and delivered 2 and 3 day ‘boot camps,’ where participants collaborated on new experimental ideas that were ushered into the prototype phase.

Alongside our work internally, we also conducted interviews with existing and prospective customers to observe their behaviours and interactions with our partner’s digital platforms. This provided valuable insight into the effort involved in finding information online, as well as assessing customer’s wants, needs and motivations.

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MAKING a quick and lasting impact

From the ideas generated we built low and high-fidelity prototypes, using  these to  quickly test with employees and iterate our initial design ideas. From there, a phase of usability testing was carried out to help us observe audience interactions and collect feedback on our concepts, before iterating and modifying these to help improve the client experience with a high degree of confidence


Game changing ideas for the financial industry

The project has proved to be a game changer for our partner’s teams, empowering them with the tools and confidence to move forward with new ideas that will enable them to grow and innovate within their market.

The team continue to develop their internal design capability through the design thinking tools we introduced them to during this project.

Through our work together, our partner has planned, created and set new standards of service in the Philippines, and having rolled out some major initiatives since his project in 2018.

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