Drawing for Work

A woman drawing a graphic recording style illustration on a wall.

Join us to take your sketching skills to the next level!

In this 2-part workshop, you will learn about the practice of drawing for work using the art of visual processing and communication.

Good collaboration relies on good communication. Drawing allows us to quickly communicate and gain shared understanding through images instead of having to rely solely on words. Studies have also shown that people who ‘doodleʼhave higher retention levels than people who simply write down their thoughts on paper.

Youʼre not an artist? Not to worry! Itʼs not about art, itʼs about conveying simple messages.

As part of Drawing for Work you will cover basic drawing skills, learn to draw simple people, faces, and common objects. By the end of the workshop, you will have learned how to draw just about anything (yes, anything!) and have the confidence to apply your new skills to relevant and useful situations in the workplace.

What happens in this workshop

A combination of creative drawing exercises, tools and sketching demonstrations, Drawing for Work is a feel-good exploration of drawing hacks, 
hidden confidence, and skill.

You will be introduced to new methods and frameworks for successful visual communication at work, in two fun 90-minute sessions filled with sketching and storytelling.

This workshop will help you with

  • Creating engaging presentations with messages that stick.
  • Telling stories with feeling to build empathy within an organisation.
  • Creating documents and artefacts that people are excited to look at.
  • Taking visual notes to improve memory retention by 29%.

Who this workshop is for

Not an artist? Not to worry! It’s not about art, it’s about conveying messages simply and tangibly. Absolute beginners encouraged, and loads of useful stuff for more confident pen-wielders too.


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AUD 250.00

Price of ticket includes both workshops and a PDF Drawing for Work workbook to use during and after the sessions.

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Date & time

1st session: Learn how and why to draw at work

Tuesday 22 September, 10.00 am -11:30 am (AEST) / 8:00am - 9:30am (HKT)

2nd session: Apply your learning in practice

Thursday 24 September, 10.00 am - 11:30 am (AEST) / 8:00am - 9:30am (HKT)

This is an online workshop

These two 90-minute sessions will take place over Zoom. We will email you the link ahead of the workshop.

For this practical workshop, we ask all workshop participants to have their cameras on. You need a computer or tablet, webcam, microphone, and a steady internet connection.

Other than that you just need lots of paper, your favourite pen, and some coloured pencils.

Your facilitators
Harriet McDougall

Associate Director, MAKE Studios

Harriet is an accomplished service designer, strategist, illustrator and graphic facilitator with a knack for making the abstract tangible and depth of expertise in design for higher education, government services and social justice.

A creative pragmatist, her approach to design integrates her passion for drawing; using live-sketching, visual storytelling and art therapy-style techniques to capture, co-design, test and convey ideas.

Harriet has commissioned illustration for a range of international organisations including Cond´e Nast, JP Morgan and Harper Collins. She has graphic recorded for clients including G.I.Z., Science Africa, Service Design Hong Kong and Service Design Now.

Kristina Skov Aagaard

Educator and Service Design Lead, MAKE Studios

Kristina is a world-class educator and human-centred designer hailing from the innovative Kaospilots school in Denmark.

She specialises in complex problem solving, and has worked extensively as a consultant and strategic designer focussing on business transformation across a range of industries.

As well as being an accomplished service designer, Kristina is an expert trainer and capability builder. She has designed and delivered educational programmes on design, strategy and creativity around the world, and is passionate about cultivating personal and professional growth.