TRIP S1,E2: Leyla Acaroglu

Leyla Acaroglu illustration

Leyla Acaroglu

Consumer behaviour in a pandemic

Season 1, Episode 2

“Our attempt as a society to solve the environmental and social problem of waste through this concept of recycling has led us to create a plethora of more waste”. In this episode, we hear from sustainability provocateur Leyla Acaroglu who shares some hard truths that everyone should be aware of.

Leyla Acaroglu illustration

Meet Leyla Acaroglu

Leyla is a Sustainability Provocateur, Designer, Sociologist, Systems Thinking, Author, Social Entrepreneur and TED Speaker, leading the transformation to a circular economy.

She is the founder of companies: Disrupt Design in New York and Melbourne-based Eco Innovators. She leads an experimental capability building arm, Unschool, helping people take action using desing-led systems change.

Leyla also authored two books: The Hero Veg Cookbook, Design Systems Change Handbook.

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S1,E2 Shownotes

In this episode, Leyla takes us on a powerful journey through the systems humans have created to support high rates of consumption. With eye-popping revelations about infrastructure and logistics, Leyla lifts the veil on what we believe to be true in order to keep our guilt at bay and maintain our way of life.

What are the fundamental shifts we need to make as a species to affect much needed change? What we can do today, right now as individuals and what opportunities is the pandemic presenting? No disposable coffee cup is left unturned in this ‘must see’ podcast.  

Links mentioned in this show:

Leyla’s website

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

National Geographic, Sarah Gibbens, 2 January 2019: A brief history of how plastic straws took over the world

The Guardian, Erin McCormick, 9 July 2020: ‘It’s all on hold’: how Covid-19 derailed the fight against plastic waste

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