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MAKE share the power of Design Thinking with the Hong Kong Government and the ‘Unleash!’ programme

From 2018-2022, MAKE Studios worked as a strategic partner for the Hong Kong Government’s ‘Unleash!’, a multi-year programme aimed at elevating the role of Design Thinking across major industry sectors and government services.

MAKE Studios collaborated with the broader ‘Unleash!’ programme by sharing our team’s experience in applying and galvanising Design Thinking across industries in Hong Kong. Our aim was to help build and generate awareness, ultimately engaging communities with Design Thinking and its limitless applications.


MAKING moves in the Design Thinking space

After being engaged to participate in 2018, our team was ready to MAKE some exciting moves within the Design Thinking space.

In 2019 we helped launch the first year of the Unleash! programme by running immersive Design Thinking workshops on Business Model Innovation, Digital Transformation and Employee Engagement.

Following this, in 2020, the Unleash! program pivoted online. MAKE was involved in multiple capacities facilitating virtual workshops, webinars, and participating in virtual panel discussions.

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Unleashing the full power of Design Thinking with MAKE

To effectively engage our ideal audience with the Unleash! Programme, we engaged in a blend of in-person and online workshops, covering both development and facilitation. As part of these sessions we delivered highly engaging Design Thinking tasters for professionals across different sectors, helping them embody the Design Thinking mindset and its various tools to generate interest in their company, industry and sector


The future of Design Thinking with MAKE Studios

Following completion of the program we received some glowing feedback from program participants, as well as fellow facilitators from the Hong Kong Government 

[The workshops made it]It is easy for people who are unfamiliar with service design/design thinking to tell the different function/purpose without much explanation needed.” ~ Workshop participant with no prior Design Thinking training

The working context is very simple and easily related. Very easy for participants to input things in. So [the overall, it’s ]is super engaging.

Workshop participant from the business sector.
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