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Establishing market leadership in electric vehicle charging services through user-centric app design uplift and service blueprinting

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Carving out a smart solution for the future of energy with CLP’s Smart Energy Connect

Local Hong Kong energy provider, CLP, connected with MAKE to design a solution for the energy innovation arm of their business, Smart Energy Connect (SEC).

After discovering a gap in the market due to the rise in popularity of Electric Vehicles, CLP wanted to explore and establish a place in the market for their EV charging services in the private and commercial driving space. To do this they wanted MAKE’s assistance in creating a robust and engaging strategy that would place outstanding UX at the core of CLP’s considerations, exploiting their unique selling proposition that would work to engage industry experts and consumers.


EmPOWERING confidence and MAKING moves with consideration

Our MAKErs worked to generate solutions that could help the CLP team venture into the EV charging space in a strategic and considered way.

In a 4 week rapid design sprint, we conducted on-site charging journey mapping with CLP’s key stakeholders, usability testing with 4 EV and 4 non-EV drivers, UX uplifting for a future-proof digital service, and engaged with industry experts to inform strategic business development direction for both B2C and B2B markets moving forward

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SMART solutions for a more efficient and enjoyable journey

To deliver a tailored solution fit for CLP’s Smart Energy Connect, our team took a 3 pronged approach. 

Our approach included value-proposition mapping to create a user-centric EV charging experience, intensive user journey mapping and service blueprinting to ensure a shared and understanding of the experience, and global UX/UI best practices benchmarking to ensure features, logic and flows were of the highest quality  for the app.


MAKING an impact in the future of EV

Following 2 rounds of rapid design sprints, CLP’s EV charging app was launched internally for testing within the same year, and has subsequently been released to market.

The MAKE Design project team was invited back to help design more exciting projects as one of CLP SEC’s trusted collaborators.

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