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Healthcare and Mental Wellbeing
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MAKING mental health moments that matter

A Hong Kong mental health services company engaged MAKE to develop and deliver assets to help create a more cohesive and collaborative internal team culture.

They sought MAKE’s help to develop assets that would help employees connect to their vision and promote a collaborative approach to working, improving the overall employee and member experience, and in turn helping them to grow their business in Hong Kong


MAKING sense of the landscape

MAKE took a close collaborative approach with their team to delve deep into their current company culture, experiences as employees and their service delivery.

MAKE worked with the company on a week long sprint, interviewing 10 employees to surface insights that helped define moments that matter in the employee and member experience. Through our findings we developed a series of tools and introduced team rituals that would help improve alignment internally.

MAKE developed a blueprint of the company’s member journey where key interactions with the team were highlighted, to help employees connect with the vision and work collaboratively towards shared outcomes, thereby providing high quality experience for its members.

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Mending the employee to member gap with MAKE

During the project our MAKErs employed a range of Design Thinking tools from our extensive range of expertise such as in depth interviews with employees across a week long sprint and the development of a service blueprint to better align the team and provide clarity on the member journey, highlight key communication points with the team and explore opportunities for improvement and growth.


MAKING culture matter

MAKE thoroughly enjoyed working with the team to revamp and re-engage their employees to better their member centric service offering.

The team have since shared that their service blueprint enabled their team to gain a greater understanding of how teams can work collaboratively. 

The company has also continued to implement team rituals as part of their common practice as it fosters a sense of belonging and unity amongst the team and has had a hugely positive impact on employee engagement and motivation. 

The company have shared that the MAKE team has helped them foster a new culture of open communication, transparency and team alignment is now the norm thanks to their team rituals and clarity of vision.

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