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Reinventing the investment and insurance sales experience

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Reinventing the investment and insurance sales experience

MAKE and a large Hong Kong bank have a proud partnership for over 3 years to understand the complex staff and customer mindsets, behaviours, and experiences associated with a highly regulated investment and insurance sales process. In 2020, we took a blue sky approach to reinvent the experience and leapfrog the bank’s competitors.

The bank wanted the help of MAKE Studios to improve the client and staff experience for a highly regulated investment and insurance sales process, and to generate ideas on how the bank could stand out in the competitive world of investment, insurance and finance.


A new approach to the financial journey

MAKE saw an opportunity to offer the bank a more innovative and creative approach to the financial industry to help them stand out from the crowd by leveraging existing research conducted across MAKE and the banks 3 year relationship.

To do this, MAKE proposed exploring customer pain-points and journeys in a more in depth manner alongside further research and testing. Applying this to mass market as well as high net worth customers would ensure needs of local demographics are met whilst also maintaining a premium service.

To achieve this, our team facilitated a series of service enactments, testing new concepts with staff and customers to better understand real-world behaviours and contexts.

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Solutions to define the future of the banks customer wealth journey

To deliver a solution as creative and robust as the bank required, the team at MAKE explored a range of Design Thinking tools to deliver a bespoke solution catering to the banks brief.

This included design research where we leveraged internal knowledge, existing research and interviews to uncover the reasons behind the banks opportunities, and to discover if there were other fundamental issues facing customers that required attention first. From there we prototyped and tested our strongest concepts so that there was a tangible way to receive early feedback that could be integrated into the concept. This is a way for us to put humans at the centre and understand if the needs of employees and customers were met.

Our method of testing of the banks solutions concepts was through service re-enactments to better understand real-life behaviours and contexts.  This allowed us to receive early feedback from key stakeholders and help reduce risks when the service is launched. 


Collaboration that MAKEs a difference

As part of our project, MAKE worked closely with departments and project teams across the bank's business to ensure alignment in visions and concepts throughout, and build an ongoing mindset and bias towards Service and Experience-led Design.  

Working side-by-side with the internal Service Design team, we handed over an abundance of insights, concepts, prototypes, and service system maps from which the bank could immediately determine priorities and map out an implementation plan for the coming year.

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