Culture Transformation, Capability Building

Building a culture of innovation across International Markets

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Inspiring a customer led culture where innovation can thrive through every stage

A multinational health benefits provider was facing the challenge of embedding a new culture across their international teams to become more innovative and  customer-led, with a view to better their services, and align their offer with their ‘Category of One,’ approach.

They approached MAKE to help design a strategy that would enable them to embed a bespoke and innovative approach to business and customers. This approach needed to be used effectively across their 11 international markets, inciting an internal culture shift to help place customer experience at the heart of their business practices.


MAKING way for a better future at a multinational company

Our approach to their challenge was to consider the specific issues faced by the team and business across the board, helping us deliver a tailored solution that could translate internationally. 

We did this by immersing ourselves in the company’s culture to better understand their team’s strengths and areas where innovation could thrive. This cultural immersion allowed us to then build a bespoke programme, designed to help solve the challenges, create, test and build customer focused solutions across their 11 international markets.

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A true solution

MAKE designed and delivered the new Design Thinking innovation  programme. We employed Design Research and hosted interviews with the team and key stakeholders to explore their existing knowledge, better understand their challenges and discover opportunities to pave the way forward in a customer-centric way.


Now they can MAKE their mark at every stage

Today the team credit our MAKErs for the shift within their team structure, which became one of open communication and reflection that has helped the team understand, challenge and take a more collaborative and constructive approach to innovation for customers.

Phase 1 of the ongoing program was launched in January 2018 involving 60+ participants from 11 countries.

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