Information Design

Developing an empathetic communication system and service recovery strategy for a worldwide bank

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Insuring the future for a large financial institution with MAKE

MAKE partnered with a large Hong Kong-based bank to uplift the client-centricity, readability and communications for insurance products. With an increase in enquiries at times of product changes, they recognised an  opportunity to implement a more streamlined and effective communication model for their clients. .

The bank sought MAKE’s help to improve their strategy, satisfaction and timeliness for insurance products to help customers better understand and interpret their communications,  and simultaneously improve digital access and adoption. 


Understanding the bank’s customer behaviours

Our team employed a design research approach, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to understand customer behaviours and gain insights into their experiences through a combination of human-centred design, behavioural design, evidence-based design and systems thinking. This enabled us to analyse the root cause of misunderstandings or undesirable experiences.

From there, our team worked to understand the insights collected to inform the redesign of the communications system and service recovery strategy to address the issues and provide a more positive customer experience and communication strategy for each product and service.  

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Learning from experience and MAKING way for a more structured future

MAKE collaborated with the team to deliver positive solutions to customer experience challenges by employing Design Thinking tools such as research, testing, and internal interviews to understand how internal processes, systems and people influenced the bank’s customer interactions and impacted the overall customer experience.

From this insight and understanding we employed a communications system mapping approach. Taking crucial links back through the communication system in place enabled us to understand the sequence, relationship and interdependence between actions in the system and how they influenced the customer journey.


MAKING way for better forms of communication with customers

The final deliverables included systems level recommendations presented to the team in a communication system map, validated prototypes of improved communication artefacts and an implementation roadmap. 

Following our works with the bank, MAKE Studios was invited to help redesign more customer communications models to be implemented across the following 2 years.

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