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Defining a value proposition to improve access to mental healthcare

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MAKING mental health support more accessible with a Hong Kong based mental health tech startup

A Hong Kong based mental health tech startup engaged with MAKE in April 2022 to design and define a clear value proposition for their new app aimed at improving the mental wellbeing of cancer patients.

They wanted to clearly define their value proposition and create a customer journey that was robust, engaging and tailored to the experiences of cancer patients' sensitive needs and motivations.


A collaborative approach to mental wellbeing in cancer patients

MAKE collaborated with the team at a Hong Kong based mental health tech startup and embarked on an extensive design research journey, gathering insights on the mental health and wellbeing journey for cancer patients and unravelling their needs, motivations, challenges and gaps in support that the startup could help fill.

As part of this journey we relied on insights on the experience of cancer patients existing on the app and implemented a rigorous testing and validation process with patients input to refine concepts through their feedback to shape a compelling value proposition that resonated and engaged with the right audience to address their specific needs.

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MAKErs mapping the way for change

Our team of MAKErs was involved in the project developed and delivered a bespoke solution to the challenge through a series of in-depth 1:1 interview sessions with cancer patients to gain a deeper understanding of their mental health journey, experiences, needs and motivations. 

As a result of the sessions we mapped the patients journeys helping our team visualise the mental health experiences of cancer patients. This ultimately helped us identify potential touchpoints, challenges, pain points and opportunities for improvement and engagement, paving the way for us to design more user-centric solutions.

From there, we devised low-fidelity prototypes for testing that helped us quickly and iteratively test and gather feedback on proposed concepts, helping us facilitate early-stage validation from cancer patients directly, allowing us to take only our strongest and most engaging ideas forward.


MAKING an impact on the future of healthcare

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our MAKErs and the startup team, we were able to create a high-level cancer patient journey map that delved into pivotal moments and uncovered critical insights that have helped create an impactful value proposition and make a difference where it matters most.

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