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Design Thinking and Agile capability for Asia’s leading insurance company

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Igniting innovation for a healthier, longer, better future with Asia’s leading insurance company

Asia’s leading insurance company wanted to implement a more innovative, and strategic approach to their current business model to affect change within their company culture and build a future with more purpose and impact.

The insurance company had ambitions of total transformation through collaborating with MAKE to introduce Design Thinking and Agile Capability to their team and senior leadership.

They wanted to create a culture where teams can recognise and act on new opportunities that add value and allow them to pioneer new ideas within their industry. To do this they wanted to introduce Design Thinking as a standard day-to-day practice to the senior leadership team enabling them to understand the value and impact of Design Thinking.


MAKING it happen for Asia’s leading insurance company

MAKE took an audience centric approach to the company’s challenge. By placing their target audiences right at the heart of our considerations and tailoring programmes to each set, our team were able to deliver solutions that empowered the team to confidently identify new opportunities and act swiftly with full support and buy-in from the leadership team, igniting an internal culture shift through Design Thinking.

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Collaboration for a more unified culture

We created a collaborative space to enable the team to work in a more unified way, helping them to align on goals and values as well as create a more productive team culture.

To do this we got into the shoes of the team and their customers by building an empathy map and framework to help us understand customer and team expectations. From there we explored multiple solutions to the company’s challenge across a range of mediums to interrogate their problems on a more in-depth scale.

From our findings we were able to generate a value proposition that felt more in line with the ambition of the team, which fit expertly with the service level offering available to their customers.


MAKING way for the future of Asia’s leading insurance company

Following implementation, the team feedback that the programme was very successful, their team culture began to function more in line with how they had envisioned. The toolkit we devised was shared within all employee teams to help them understand the importance of Design Thinking and customer-centric interactions across the organisation..

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