‘Youth to Sustainability Summit 2022’ Design Thinking workshops design and coaching for 150 F.6 local and international students

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Developing a framework where youth leadership can grow, learn and thrive with AIESEC - HK

MAKE is proud to be a strategic partner of AIESEC - HK, the world’s largest non-political, not-for-profit, youth-run organisation that strives to develop leadership in youth and inspire the leaders of tomorrow

Through our partnership we have been privileged to support AIESEC - HK with a range of their projects, including the delivery of their 9th Youth Sustainability Summit.

AIESEC - HK’s annual Youth Sustainability Summit is one of the largest events in AIESEC’s calendar, and sees 150 local and international students, aged 15 - 16, come together for a 5 day intensive learning journey in applying Design Thinking to 3 SDG goals, equipping and engaging young people in the future of leadership.

The team's challenge was to build on feedback from their previous summit activities to create even more clarity and connection, designing a truly cohesive programme of events that would take participants on a journey where learning could thrive.


MAKING it happen for AIESEC’s leaders of tomorrow

We placed storytelling at the heart of our collaboration with AIESEC - HK. 

We worked to support the AIESECevent team with combined Strategic Design and Design Thinking solution, weaving a more cohesive narrative structure into the programme of events, creating a more unified and cohesive experience where connection and learning could thrive for AIESEC’s future leaders.

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MAKING way for change

MAKE collaborated with the team at AIESEC to deliver a 3 point solution to their challenges that included Journey Mapping, Train-the-Trainer courses and Design Research.

Through a combination of audience research and by placing ourselves in the shoes of AIESEC’s event participants and Design Thinking protogees, we were able to map their ideal learning journey. We combined this with 101 training sessions with 50 undergraduates from the AIESEC team to enable them to understand and better facilitate the summit experience for all 150 attendees


MAKING an impact for AIESEC - HK’s future

After 5 sessions of ‘Changemaker’ workshops, the 15 teams of 150 young students were able to apply Design Thinking mindsets and tools to create 15 showcases which our judges were very impressed with.

After implementing the framework and learnings from our team, AIESEC - HK went on to deliver their 9th Youth Sustainability Summit. The summit saw 15 teams of 150 young leaders come together for 5 days of learning where they confidently applied Design Thinking to create 15 showcases that impressed their judging panel, with the programme of events receiving incredible feedback from participants.

I just wish to say a big big thank you for helping us to deliver the design thinking sessions. They're a huge plus for the successful showcasing on Day 4. The outcome is great and the presentations are adored by the judges."

Organiser of Youth to Sustainability Summit
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