Collaboration in the Age of Reinvention

Adam Lawrence leads a group activity in a workshop

About this workshop

What lies beyond 2020 will largely be defined by the way we can reinvent the systems we inhabit, the value we create and the way we work and collaborate with one another. This will be the age of reinvention. It will bring about many opportunities, challenges and disruptions that will demand us to operate as adaptive and resilient teams, to build with what we have, and navigate and solve complex issues that are impacting us all.

As individuals, what are the behaviours and habits for collaboration we should strive to cultivate for the age of reinvention?

Join Adam Lawrence from WorkPlayExperience (co-author of This is Service Design Doing) and MAKE Studios in this two-hour playful and fast-paced workshop. We will set out to spotlight topics such as communication, agency, leadership, and the hidden forces at play within teams and organisations. We will explore the dynamics of control, trust, and action, and consider strategies to navigate shared goals and distributed leadership needed for a future of reinvention.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Gain a better understanding of your own collaborative preferences and habits.
  • Develop personal strategies for cooperative reinvention and leadership challenges.
  • Reflect on what makes an effective reinvention culture, and what can be done to facilitate and nurture it.


Tickets are no longer available to this event.

If you are interested in attending future workshops from Kate and Adam, please get in touch with Kate.

This is an online workshop

This two-hour workshop takes place over Zoom and in a Miro collaboration space. We will email you the links on the morning of the workshop. If you are new to either platform please consider getting familiar with the tools by exploring this tutorial for Miro or this tutorial for Zoom.

For this collaborative workshop, we ask all workshop participants to have their cameras on. It is not possible to attend by telephone only! You need a computer or tablet (we recommend a setup with a keyboard and a mouse; tablets can work but might limit your interaction), webcam, microphone, and a steady internet connection. Please use headphones if you have them!

Your facilitators
Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence is co-founder of WorkPlayExperience, a co-initiator of the Global Service Jam - the world's biggest service design event – and a co-author of This is Service Design Doing. He teaches service design thinking at universities worldwide and is an adjunct professor at the IE Business School in Madrid.

As a comedian and actor, Adam leverages his deep knowledge of human nature, human behaviour and human interaction to spark and drive creativity, collaboration, and organisational reinvention across even the most mundane of industries.

Kate Okrasinski

Kate Okrasinski is the Director of Innovation at MAKE Studios in Hong Kong. She works with organisations to design and drive business, cultural and organisational reinvention.

As a top-level athletic coach, Kate's experience helps her to cultivate and drive clarity, confidence, and collaboration at an individual, team, and organisational level- enabling high performance even in adverse environments.