Remote collaboration: The magic & mechanics

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Establish new ways of working beyond tools and process.

This workshop is designed to help teams reinvent their approach to online collaboration through a series of exercises that help to define the culture, skills and tools that will sustain their magic.



High performing teams

About the workshop

The ‘new normal’ has brought about great change in the way we work with together. With the majority of teams now working digitally, it can be challenging to intentionally cultivate and maintain your unique culture, practice and decide on the tools that will enable you to work at your best.

Drawing on years of experience establishing high-performing teams both on and offline, this workshop helps you define the magic and mechanics that will enable powerful online collaboration, putting participants in the driver's seat to reinvent their own unique collaboration practice.


  • Work as a team to explore and define ideal ways to work together
  • Explore and experience digital collaboration to define what best practice looks like for you
  • Introduction to the collaboration compass, a tool used for creating and sustaining high performing teams
  • Evaluation methods to measure and iterate your approach to collaboration
  • A toolbox of quick-wins and inspiration for your team to utilise right away


This workshop takes place on zoom and is designed over two 3-hour sessions.

Part 1: Exploring & Creating - 3 hours

Part 2: Improving & Sustaining - 3 hours

Technical requirements

Zoom - Ensure you have a comfortable workstation and decent wifi connection to link up to Zoom. You don't need a license to participate, we will send you the Zoom link in a calendar invitation. if you don’t already have zoom, Download a Zoom plugin here.

Miro - The workshop will be facilitated from our Miro Board, which is an online whiteboard tool for collaboration. There's no need for an account, we will send you a link to use our board and also share our screen


For more information about the workshop and investment please get in touch with Kristina to find out more.