Your organisation—reimagined

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Step into new worlds to stretch your thinking and design the future of your organisation.

The future can be daunting in a world ripe with change and disruption. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of strategic foresight and futures design and how to use the future as a source of inspiration for the present.

Strategic Foresight

Futures Design

Design Thinking

About the workshop

Explore and understand the signals of change that may affect your work, organisation and broader industry.

This workshop is designed to disrupt thinking to help you envision what your business might look like in the future. By using prototyping, immersive simulations and scenarios you can better understand what opportunities and challenges might lie on the horizon to inform current priorities.


  • Hands-on experience with strategic foresight and futures design methods and tools
  • Knowledge of trends and signals of change that can directly or indirectly effect your organisation
  • Understanding of possible scenarios and future worlds that your team or organisation can shape
  • Explore possible unintended consequences and opportunities that lie on the horizon
  • Strategic priorities for your organisation


We recommend this workshop take place over 1.5 days (which can be delivered in 2 or 3 sessions). However, we will work with you to tailor the sessions to your context.

Technical requirements

Zoom - Ensure you have a comfortable workstation and decent wifi connection to link up to Zoom. You don't need a license to participate, we will send you the Zoom link in a calendar invitation. if you don’t already have zoom, Download a Zoom plugin here.

Miro - The workshop will be facilitated from our Miro Board, which is an online whiteboard tool for collaboration. There's no need for an account, we will send you a link to use our board and also share our screen.


For more information about the workshop and investment please get in touch with Kristina to find out more.