24 Nov: Sketch-noting - the power of visual note-taking

A photo of a desk, showing a sketchbook with an illustration titled 'Strategy meeting'

Learn how to take better notes for yourself.

In this online workshop, you will learn how to sketch-note for yourself, how to listen for key themes in fast-paced talks and discussions, and how to capture their essence in a simple, visual, and memorable way.

What is sketch-noting?

Sketch-noting is a form of note-taking where you combine words with visuals to create easy-to-navigate pages. It engages both auditory and visual processing, which helps activate your brain in a way that makes it easier to understand, remember, and navigate complex information.

Sketch-noting is about capturing information for yourself. It is a technique and a skill you can apply in various situations e.g. a meeting, in a workshop, during an event, at a conference, or in any other situation where you would normally write notes.

Why is sketch-noting important?

As we move into more digital ways of working it can be easy for us to disengage from content. We may experience meeting or screen fatigue, feeling overwhelmed with content, not feeling involved in a process, being time-poor, etc. Sketch-noting can help you re-engage and maintain focus by practicing 'active' listening in order to create a visual summary or connect big ideas.

Having visual notes helps you retain the content more effectively and makes it easier to navigate your notes for reference later on. It can help you synthesise information better and it enhances your learning by improving memory, recall, and understanding. It is a multi-sensory skill that promotes and develops creativity.

What happens in this workshop

A combination of listening techniques and drawing hacks to be able to draw quickly and ensure you capture the most important messages for yourself.

It's a practical, hands-on, and fast-paced workshop where we walk through sketch-noting techniques and go through activities to put your new skill into practice straight away.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Accelerate your listening skills to quickly understand complex information and easily convert that into visualisations.
  • Understand when to use sketch-noting, how to use it, and why it's valuable.
  • Practice how to capture visual notes for self and how to make them easy to navigate.
  • Improve your memory retention by 29% through sketch-noting

Who this workshop is for

You don't need to be an artist to participate in this workshop. As long as you feel confident in putting pen to paper to draw at a very basic level e.g being comfortable drawing a stick figure, you will do just fine. (If you are a former participant of our Drawing for Work online workshops you will be able to dive straight into it!).

Date & time

Tuesday 24 November, 9.30 am -12.00 pm (AEST)

This is an online workshop

This online workshop will take place over Zoom. We will email you the link ahead of the workshop.

We kindly ask all workshop participants to have their cameras on. You need a computer or tablet, webcam, microphone, and a steady internet connection.

Other than that you just need lots of paper, your favourite pen, and some coloured pencils.


Early bird: A$125 (on sale until 23rd of October)

Team tickets (buy minimum 3 x tickets): A$100 per ticket

General admission: A$175

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Your facilitators
Harriet McDougall

Associate Director, MAKE Studios

Harriet is an accomplished service designer, strategist, illustrator and graphic facilitator with a knack for making the abstract tangible and depth of expertise in design for higher education, government services and social justice.

A creative pragmatist, her approach to design integrates her passion for drawing; using live-sketching, visual storytelling and art therapy-style techniques to capture, co-design, test and convey ideas.

Harriet has commissioned illustration for a range of international organisations including Cond´e Nast, JP Morgan and Harper Collins. She has graphic recorded for clients including G.I.Z., Science Africa, Service Design Hong Kong and Service Design Now.

Kristina Skov Aagaard

Educator and Service Design Lead, MAKE Studios

Kristina is a world-class educator and human-centred designer hailing from the innovative Kaospilots school in Denmark.

She specialises in complex problem solving, and has worked extensively as a consultant and strategic designer focussing on business transformation across a range of industries.

As well as being an accomplished service designer, Kristina is an expert trainer and capability builder. She has designed and delivered educational programmes on design, strategy and creativity around the world, and is passionate about cultivating personal and professional growth.