TRIP S1,E5: Ben Redford

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Ben Redford

Democratising Manufacturing

Season 1, Episode 5

Ever notice everyone you know has owned the IKEA LACK coffee table when they were students? Let’s face it - mass manufacturing is filling our landfills and the more stuff we buy the worse this cycle becomes. Inventor Ben Redford helps us unpack existing tensions in the manufacturing industry and how this influencing how we value what we own.

Meet Ben Redford

Ben Redford is a contemporary inventor, who firmly believes in the value of every day experimentation and that every idea deserves to be brought to life. Ben is the co-founder of Mayku, a UK-based organisation bringing accessible and user-friendly 3-D printing technology into the homes of every day creators.  

With a background in product and digital design, Ben’s passion is to bridge the gap between the digital products and physical experiences. Ben is the mastermind behind many quirky starts ups, such as Meet Olly & Polly, two online bots delivering physical treats and scents based on your social media activity and Projecteo, a mini portable Instagram projector.  

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S1,E5 Episode Notes

In Ben Redford’s eyes everyone is a creator.

In this episode, we dive in to understand what drives mass production and global consumerism, and how it evidently has influenced what we choose to spend our money on and what we value most. Do we really value convenience over quality and artisanship? Have we lost touch with our own imagination and agency to realise our own ideas? Join us as we unpack what needs to change in order for us to all become creators again and reconnect with what we truly value.  

Links mentioned in this show:


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