Integrating Human-Centred Design and emerging technology

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Leading the way with Human-Centred Design a Hong Kong based university

A global leading university in Hong Kong approached MAKE with the challenge of student accessibility of emerging technologies in developing Smart Cities.

The university wanted to ensure every student is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make use of emerging technologies to better their studies and address accessibility gaps, ultimately lowering technological barriers to ensure fair and equal access across the board.


MAKING it happen for Hong Kong’s brightest minds

Our MAKErs approached this challenge with the student experience at the centre of our considerations, and we created a tailored solution for the university through a combination of bespoke Human-Centred Design workshop sessions with students.

By engaging directly with over 100  students from across the university’s various faculties via a bespoke 3 hour workshop,  we were able to introduce new tools and explore emerging technologies in a supportive environment where learning and understanding could thrive.

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MAKING an impact where it matters most

MAKE worked in collaboration with the university's leadership team and students from across multiple courses and disciplines such as engineering, marketing, business to deliver a bespoke solution through a combination of Design Thinking tools. 

During this project we found User Research was most beneficial in gathering key insights from students direct to understand their behaviours and engagement with technology, enabling us to implement an ideation session where we generated a range ideas. As a team we were then able to prototype the strongest and most relevant concepts to create low and high fidelity prototypes for testing and direct user feedback.


MAKING way for a better learning experience

Our approach demonstrated the importance of collaboration and co-design in Human-Centred Design.

When engaged in our workshop and in developing solutions to better their learning experience, students helped bring our ideas to life and left feeling empowered to embrace emerging technologies through applied Design Thinking techniques in their own projects.

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