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Understanding mental health coverage in Hong Kong’s corporate insurance landscape

Healthcare and Mental Wellbeing
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MAKING a difference for the future of mental health

An alliance of businesses are working together with mental health experts and partner organisations around Hong Kong to create a future where every workplace protects, supports and creates positive mental health spaces for their people.

In July 2022, City Mental Health Alliance engaged the team here at MAKE to design and facilitate a 3-hour workshop for people across the employee mental health insurance ecosystem to surface challenges and motivations across the network of stakeholders. Our shared purpose  was to unite industry stakeholders to begin transformative change within the mental health industry, exploring how collaboration could empower and underpin that change.


MAKING mental health matter

Our MAKErs focused on the impact they could deliver through the 3-hour workshop, and we cultivated this by conceptulaising a workshop that would bring together industry leaders with the goal of exploring the mental health space and common problems within it. Our ultimate goal was to develop solutions and inspire healthier futures.

Through the session we facilitated discussion to gather key insights and explore the problem space through a series of engagement activities to reframe problems into solutions.

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Mental health solutions fit for all

To achieve an engaging atmosphere and deliver impactful solutions, our MAKE team employed a range of Design Thinking tools across the project and during the 3 hour workshop.

We used stakeholder mapping to help them identify and understand individuals and groups who exist in the  ‘problem space’ , inciting empathy and encouraging collaboration in the delivery of solutions fit for all. During the workshop we implemented a museum wall, an effective visual tool that offered viewers and participants a physical representation of the knowledge and insights gathered to spark new connections and ideas which were then reframed through problem statements, turning challenges into opportunities for growth, change and innovation.


MAKING way for a mental health inclusive future

MAKE are proud that our workshop and collaboration has been credited as a catalyst for future change by inspiring participants to actively collaborate beyond the session. The company and the attendees continue to explore, disrupt, impact and improve mental health support in corporate Hong Kong.

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