Building a culture of innovation across 11 markets

Accelerating innovation at scale

In line with their corporate intention to be a ‘Category of One,’ Cigna was seeking to build their capacity to deliver innovative, customer-led products and services. To do so, they wanted to embed a culture of innovation, based on the principles and practices of Design Thinking across 11 of their international markets.

MAKE was engaged to design, launch and deliver a customised innovation program, to represent the voice of the customer across the regional organisations.

participants from 11 markets
3 months
of remote training
funding for pilot programs

Innovation leadership and capability building

Working in partnership with the International Markets Customer Value Proposition team, MAKE built an innovation program that addressed Cigna’s strategic needs and ambitions.

Over a course of 3 months, we focused on building the capability for teams to create, test, and deliver innovative, customer-led solutions across international markets. The project delivered a reflective practice that encouraged the teams to deeply understand customer needs, challenge existing practices, and reframe their approach to innovation.

An embedded service mindset

Our customised innovation program was a catalyst to shift from a product-centric mindset to a service and customer-centric mindset. The leadership team developed a deep empathy for how to engage, inspire, and enable their teams to be generative and experimental. This culture change laid the foundation for Cigna’s corporate strategy to be realised and actioned.

Innovation and continuing to deliver customer-centric propositions is hugely important to the success of Cigna International. Thanks to our partners at MAKE Studios for great support, insight and professionalism as Design Thinking practitioners.

Michael Quinn, Head of Customer Value Proposition Development, Cigna

Insight generation
Design thinking leadership capability development
Remote coaching
Stakeholder interviews