Designing a mobile investment app

Redefining the mobile investment experience

MAKE worked with a multinational financial organisation to identify, validate and accelerate an investment mobile app targeting the emerging affluent millennial market in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Across a 12 week period we worked with business owners, product, regulatory and legal teams to interrogate and redesign the value proposition and test prototypes with customers. 

Qualitative insight from 15 target customers
6 prototypes 
Delivered 3 end-to-end MVP (Minimum Viable Product) experiences

Co-designing the value proposition and product at the same time

Prior to our involvement, our client had invested a lot of time and money on internal research, with third parties, and with customers across South East Asia to better understand their target audience and market. However, the vast amounts of data generated was hard for teams to distil and gain insight, in order to design a considered customer experience.

With so much data available, we started by co-designing experiments and prototypes to validate with customers. Our testing was focussed on the young, local EA population in Hong Kong. We facilitated these sessions primarily in Cantonese (participant’s mother language) to ensure participants could express themselves confidently and comfortably to maximise learning and insight. This ensured we understood the value proposition within the local market, and identify the areas of highest priority to minimise frustrations in the product journey.

Aligning product value for customers and the business

Throughout the research we visualised customer learnings and business insights as a large-scale product journey map, to illustrate the entirety of the customer experience and the full potential of the product, adjacent products and services. This process bought in additional teams and collaborators within the organisation who were essential to delivering value for the product across organisational silos.

In combination with our local insights, we mapped and illustrated three end-to-end customer journeys within the app with accompanying hi-fidelity product interaction flows. We also delivered recommendations and improvement blueprints across the customer experience to guide future product iteration.

Data analysis
Insight generation
Journey mapping
Hi-fidelity product interaction flows
Service blueprint