Creating a new market for financial services

Understanding the emerging affluent of Hong Kong

MAKE worked with one of the major banks in Hong Kong to help them explore and understand a target market they had identified called ‘emerging affluent’. Over a 10 week period, we took a human-centric approach to conducting research, running co-design workshops and prototyping product and service concepts that attracted and appealed to this sector.

Qualitative insight from
20 customers
Multi department collaboration with
9 teams
Prototyping a viable proposition

Unlocking a customer-led strategy

The organisation was looking for a fresh way to understand the business opportunity. By combining qualitative, quantitative and competitive landscape research, we are able to discover nuanced and unexpected insights about customer mindsets, behaviours and values.

We visualised these insights as opportunities and produced journey maps, personas and value proposition cards to be used as design tools. In these formats, the organisation was able to interact with the information in practical and tangible ways to flesh out the right proposition. Different stakeholders and departments were able to align around the most promising opportunities and make faster decisions about the strategy.

Prototyping a visionary concept

The insights representing customers unmet needs, mindsets & behaviour were used to accelerate stakeholder alignment around the opportunity. A conceptual prototype was built to capture the company vision for the target market and was used as part of the business case. Our human-centric approach de-risked the strategy of bringing a viable commercial proposition to market.

Qualitative and quantitative research
Competitive landscaping
Insight generation
Journey mapping
Persona development
Value proposition design