Capability building for over 1,000 participants in Design Thinking

Solving real-world challenges with Design Thinking

Many organisations in Hong Kong and the broader region are seeking new ways to adapt, survive and thrive in uncertain times. Design Thinking is a powerful way to build organisational resilience through the better management of risk. Our workshops apply a range of Design Thinking method and tools to real world problem solving and reflects the unique cultural and market dynamics in which you operate.

We have worked with individuals, teams and organisations to build innovation capability programs using Design Thinking. Each program is customised to the organisational goals and includes both strategic and tactical deliverables such as innovation strategies and customer experience tool kits. At the core of our process is employee engagement and empowerment to implement practical improvements in their day to day roles. Our workshops deliver the Design Thinking mindsets, skillsets and toolsets you need to build high performance teams and culture.

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Activating the head, heart, and hands

Our approach is designed to unleash creativity, drive transformation and activate change within your organisation. We apply behavioural, cultural and systemic ‘nudges’ to build an internal capability that works for your context. Using tested and proven Design Thinking tools and methods, we unlock and accelerate the organisation’s ability to achieve its goals.

Our Design Thinking methods include:

  • Stakeholder engagement: align stakeholders around strategic objectives;
  • Customer Research: discover unmet needs, challenges and priorities;
  • Insight Generation: identify areas of unique opportunity;
  • Prototyping: test and validate solution ideas and concepts;
  • Toolkit Generation: sustainably embed tools and methods in the organisation.

Our workshops are designed as transformative learning experiences. ‘Experiential Learning’ is all about making it practical through learning by doing. By activating the head, heart and hands, participants are enabled and empowered to integrate new skills and mindsets into their day-to-day work.

We have a variety of Design Thinking programs to suit any budget and objective. You can choose anything from a 2 hour hands-on workshop, to a 3 day intensive bootcamp or a 5 day rapid design sprint. Our workshops are conducted in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and can be delivered online or in person. The methods we use to align team capability building with the strategic focus of your organisation include:

  • Innovation capability building
  • Creative confidence and empowerment
  • Leading and driving transformation
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Employee engagement and talent retention

Over 300 workshops delivered in 8 years

Since 2012, we have designed and delivered over 300 Design Thinking workshops and programs across multiple sectors in Hong Kong. We have helped thousands of individuals to adapt, survive and thrive and helped organisations become more resilient and competitive.

Our partners at MAKE Studios gave us great support, insight and professionalism as Design Thinking practitioners.


I found it useful, I know a bit about Lean and Agile, but never applied it in a larger scale. The change of mindset makes all the difference, the workshop showed us how to use Design Thinking to solve daily problems.

Participant from a Design Thinking workshop

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