Developing strategies for fair recruitment practices

Unpacking values and contexts of recruitment

MAKE partnered with an international NGO to develop engagement strategies that would enable employers of domestic workers to better seek and adopt fair recruitment practices.

We delivered a one-day workshop that integrated Design Thinking, human-centred design and behavioural design to generate ideas and prototypes that could be tested with stakeholders and the community.

30 participants
from multiple sectors
82 ideas
generated in 8 hours
prototypes developed for testing

Prototyping behavioural interventions

Our team conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and research to understand the context of the challenge, and identify possible motivators of employer’s behaviour when hiring a foreign domestic worker. The research insights were synthesised into a visual wall of artefacts that was used by participants to create shared understanding of the context.

Using a Design Thinking process, participants generated multiple ideas for behavioural interventions, including products, services, and campaigns.

Empathic connection to domestic workers

The diversity of perspectives enabled the development of tangible and relevant solutions that met the strategic objectives of the NGO. Our immersive process and workshop methodologies activated the head, hands, and heart to build empathy and understanding for the employment experience of foreign domestic workers.

Stakeholder interviews
Qualitative and quantitative research
Stakeholder mapping
Insight generation
Value card sorting