Improving financial literacy with design thinking

Transforming lives through financial literacy

Enrich is a local NGO based in Hong Kong that seeks to empower foreign domestic workers through financial literacy. With a desire to uplift and expand their current offerings, Enrich partnered with MAKE to deliver a Design Thinking program that would explore ways to innovate and make more effective use of limited resources.

5 hours
of rapid prototyping

innovative ideas generated

2 concepts

Engaging the community in a hackathon

In order to understand how we might increase the financial literacy of foreign domestic workers, we conducted a program called Design for Impact. The program format is a half day hackathon that involves community members, stakeholders and corporate representatives. Over the course of 5 hours together, participants generated 38 new ideas to increase financial awareness and nudge desirable change within the domestic worker community.

Two ideas that were most aligned with Enrich’s strategic objectives were prototyped and tested to determine feasibility and effectiveness.

Creating an ecosystem for change

Bringing together diverse perspectives from corporate representatives, stakeholders and community experts, enabled us to generate prototypes that were  desirable, viable, and feasible.

The Design for Impact program is an empowered ecosystem for change, where business, government, NGOs, and communities collaborate to solve social challenges.

Qualitative and quantitative research
Insight generation
Community building